Is Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance Becoming Extinct?

How To Not Give Up Your Independence, Take Charge of Your Care, Live Longer in Your Own Home, Not Have To Have Strangers Caring For You, and Still Have Something To Pass Down to Your Children

… by using the money you already have in a smarter way

The Increasingly Popular Program That Older Adults Are Flocking To That’s Now 5X’s More Popular Than Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance


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  • How to not feel like you're losing your independence as you grow older
  • How to have your money exponentially multiplied for long-term care use (if you qualify)
  • How to be able to stay comfortable in your own home, instead of moving somewhere you don't want to be
  • How to have your loved ones and favorite people taking care of you, instead of a stranger...and keeping your dignity by being able to actually pay them so they're not stretched too thin, so it's quality time spent between you two
  • The Super Simple 5-Step Checklist that will help set yourself up the right way to avoid the headaches, hassles, and what some even call nightmare experiences
  • How this new strategy will put you in the driver’s seat…giving you full control over WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, AND HOW you want your care, if/when that time comes.
  • How to avoid the "use it or lose it" option, and have what you don't use get to go to your children instead of losing it.

Tripp Jordan

Quoted as an industry expert in top publication affiliates including CBS News, Fox, NBC, and ABC, Tripp Jordan is a nationally recognized financial advisor and advocate for senior women across the country, championing to protect, educate, and empower them about their long-term care, legacy, and life insurance options and rights. After losing both of his parents to cancer many years ago, he set out on a mission to help people of the same generation have the peace that savvy planning provides. Tripp is the Founder and President of Jordan Retirement Solutions, a financial practice specializing in unique methods for LTC, legacy, and estate planning.

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Learn the new strategy that's becoming 5x's more popular than traditional long-term care insurance!